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Our Approach to Nailing ERP Systems

Building ERP systems from the ground up is quite a peculiar task. To lessen the complexities and detangle knots that come our way, we have built an ordered procedure to abide by.

Discovery and planning

Our team of seasoned professionals from different backgrounds each picks a different problem statement and resolves it, coming together with the best final solution.


System Design

The ideas and plans gathered in the previous stage are put together in a neat, functional, and intuitive design layout, crafted by our adept experience designers.



We leverage the most recent, yet compatible technologies to build functionalities and features as decided within the design.


Complete System Testing

The development isn’t where the tasks end for us. Once we accomplish the project, your system undergoes levels of testing to ensure that the quality reaches benchmarks.


Deployment & Maintenance

After the testing is complete, the ERP system is shared with the end users and another round of testing takes place. The final maintenance operations seal the project for us.

ERPs and Enterprise Applications, The Need of The Hour

The remarkable ease ERPs and enterprise applications bring to your organization isn’t something you can avoid talking about.

Additionally, we ensure that our enterprise solutions are scalable, efficient, and comply with industry regulations.


Data Centralization

Enterprise platforms extract all the organizational data from varying ends and departments to store it in a single, organized storage system, reducing the chances of redundancy.


Process Automation

Within every organization, certain tasks need to be taken care of regularly. With ERPs, you can prepare these procedures to take place without human intervention.


Enhanced Collaboration

ERP solutions give your workforce a singular platform to connect, access information, and share it effortlessly, irrespective of the organizational hierarchy.


Risk Mitigation

As all the information is gathered and operated upon within a single system, any cases of misinformation are identified right away.


Increased Accuracy

If you’re concerned about the accuracy of information within the workflow, the ERP solutions are the right match for your business.

Ease of Operations

The varying ERP solutions are specialized for each operation. These specialized systems cater to tasks that come under the same operation, ensuring utmost efficiency.

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Frequent Asked Questions

Each business has its own set of requirements for management software systems. As a leading enterprise solutions service provider, Media Dynox specializes in general management enterprise platforms, ERPs, CRMs, Business Intelligence, SCMs, and more! Not only that, but we are also willing to understand your business's unique requirements and help you find the most suitable solution.

Yes! If you are looking for enterprise solutions or applications, we’ve got you covered. We offer specialized systems for each organizational operation you perform. CRM, HRM, ERP, SCM, Accounting, and so forth come under our enterprise management service umbrella.

As our development process sets off, we take an in-depth approach to the needs and wants of the end users. What sets us apart from the rest of the industry is our ability to balance customization, industry trends, and user needs within a captivating design.

Once the system is delivered, we provide regulatory maintenance checks and optimization. Additionally, we also conduct sessions to explain the know-how of the enterprise system if needed.

Yes! Our work does not end once the project is delivered. We assure you that stay in contact for regular updates, maintenance checks, and technical support as needed.

At Media Dynox, we keep a close eye on the accessibility of the product. This is why, we offer both, on-premises and cloud-based enterprise systems. Additionally, if you aren’t sure about what sort of service you wish to avail of, our experts will also guide you through the decision.