How to Find Emails for B2B Lead Generation?

How to Find Emails for B2B Lead Generation?
  • By Media Dynox
  • Jun 21, 2024
  • Digital Marketing

When it comes to the B2B marketing world, finding the correct contact details is very important when it comes to honing the skill to create leads effectively. Sending emails remains one of the most effective ways of reaching out to prospective customers, maintaining client relationships, and finally sealing business deals. However, identifying the correct email addresses for your target leads could prove difficult. In a fast-moving digital world, have access to the right connections to find a suitable Digital marketing company in Delhi. However, this means that important decision-makers receive marketing campaigns. This guide will help you to know about the 5 methods to finding Emails for B2B lead generation.

Five Methods To Help You Find Emails for B2B Lead Generations 

1. Utilize Professional Networking Sites

Sites dedicated to professional networking such as LinkedIn serve as a goldmine for contacts of business people. How to utilize them is hereby discussed:

  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator: This is an expensive tool which goes a long way in helping you locate those who make important choices in your preferred sectors. Most of the time after you have narrowed down to your possible leads, you may end up seeing their email addresses which are open to the public.

  • LinkedIn Profile Scraping: Even if it’s crucial to comply with LinkedIn’s terms, LinkedIn Sales Navigator Extractor permits to aggregate email addresses from LinkedIn profiles. By scraping public data, such tools generate a list of emails based on your criteria.

  • LinkedIn Messaging: If you cannot directly access email addresses, try LinkedIn’s InMail feature. In this way, they can be reached and asked for their email address.

2. Leverage Email Lookup Tools

Email lookup tools are particularly meant for finding business email addresses. These are some of the top ones:

  • By merely entering the website of an organization, Hunter lets you discover email addresses. The system displays all email addresses related to this domain and allows for filtering based on name and function.

  • Voila Norbert: By typing in the name and company of your target lead, you can use this software to both find and verify email addresses. This is highly practical for small businesses and startups who desire growth in their B2B contacts.

  • Clearbit Connect: Working hand in hand with Gmail, Clearbit Connect can identify email addresses using company names and staff positions. It’s a great tool for getting contact information easily as you write emails.

3. Use Company Websites and Online Directories

One can find contact information from company websites and online business directories.

  • Company Websites: Websites of many companies contain contact information of important staff. You might want to consider looking for e-mails in areas such as “About Us”, “Team” or “Contact Us”. Moreover, PR or communication officers’ emails are usually found on company blogs as well as press releases page.

  • Online Directories: Yellow Pages, Hoovers, and Crunchbase are examples of directories that offer extensive company information, which includes contact details. You can find email addresses for business development or media inquiries in most cases on these.

  • Industry-Specific Directories: There are directories for specific industries such as TechCrunch and AngelList.

4. Conduct Advanced Google Searches

Strategically utilized, google is the most powerful tool for tracking email addresses.

  • Search Operators: Use search operators when you want to look for certain kinds of information. For instance, type “[Name]” + “email” + “[Company]” to get the desired result. Such keywords as “contact” and “email” are enlarged by specific operators, say

  • Combining Keywords: Try to mix your possible customer name and this essential information can be jumbled in some way. Such an inclusive search as “John Doe” + “Acme Corp” + “email” could greatly assist in obtaining emails from different sources

  • Filetype Search: Many times, we can find email addresses within PDF files, presentation slides, or Excel sheets. However, using a specialized search operator such as filetype.

5. Email Guessing and Verification

It is often possible to estimate and then check with different tools whether the email address of a lead can be known given their company’s domain name.

  • Common Email Formats: Many companies utilize typical email formats with the prevalent being first name+last, first initial+last, and first, adjust to see which one works better.

  • Email Permutator Tools: Email Permutator+ generates possible emails on the basis of established patterns and a person’s name as well. In regard to guessing email formats, these tools facilitate the process.

  • Verification Tools: After assuming an email address, confirm if it is genuine courtesy of the mail tester tool, neverbounce software for emails site zero bounce or other verification systems for electronic mail. They enable you to check the deliverability of an email without sending messages(completion) thereby saving yourself a lot of trouble especially when doing online marketing because it eliminates chances for bounced messages in this regard. Once you've guessed an email address, you can use tools such as MailTester to check if the email is real without sending anything. These tools check the deliverability of an email without sending a message, ensuring that your email outreach doesn’t bounce.


You can create a complete and precise list of email addresses through the use of these resources. However, the resources include social media platforms like LinkedIn (ideal for businesses). Additionally, email finder firms or programs as well as websites belonging to organizations.