LinkedIn Launching Short Video Feed Features Soon Like a TikTok

Linkedin short video feed features
  • By Media Dynox
  • Mar 28, 2024
  • Digital Marketing
On 28th March 2024, TechCrunch reported that LinkedIn is testing a new feature, a short-form video feed like TikTok. However, it has been found that with the rise of TikTok to introduce their short video feeds, other popular applications such as Snapchat, YouTube, and Netflix.

The feed was spotted by Austin Null, strategy director at McKinney, an influencer company. On LinkedIn Null posted a video demonstrating the new feed, which resides in the app’s nav bar under the Video. If you tap on the video button, a vertical feed of short videos will appear that you can swipe through. You can like, comment, or share a video. There we have no details about how the feed chooses which video to display.

Social Media Marketing is constantly growing and LinkedIn is the biggest social media platform. However this platform introduced a new feature that is similar to the vertical short-form video feeds you're used to seeing in other apps, but whereas those feeds include content ranging from comedy to cooking, LinkedIn's feed is geared toward careers and professionalism. Despite being able to post videos on LinkedIn since it was launched, the new dedicated feed is intended to increase engagement and finding out by presenting bite-sized videos.

LinkedIn New Feature’s Highlight 

How to use it

1. The "Video" button leads users to a vertical feed of brief videos that can be navigated by swiping.

2. These videos help to increase engagement via likes, comments, and shares. 

3. LinkedIn doesn’t update any criteria for choosing which videos have to appear in this feed. 

4. All features bears similar to the vertical short-form video feeds found on many popular platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, and Netflix.

The Content focus of LinkedIn Video’s Feed 

1. LinkedIn's new video feed distinguishes itself from other platforms by featuring only professional and career-related content.

2. Although users can upload videos to LinkedIn, this dedicated feed offers short videos for fast scrolling to increase engagement and discovery.

3. LinkedIn reports that its users are starting to prefer videos as a format for learning from professionals and experts.

Early Testing Phase of LinkedIn’s New Features

1. Most of the users cannot yet access the cutting-edge video feed feature, which is currently in its early testing stages. 

2. This approach was introduced while numerous creators have built sizable fan bases on TikTok by providing guidance and firsthand accounts of their experiences. With career development and advancement. 

3. Content creators may find a new platform on LinkedIn’s new feed for sharing their videos and increasing audience engagement. 

Prospects for the future

1. LinkedIn may make money off of this new video feed in the future to encourage content producers to upload their work to the app.

2. Not every user, though, might find this new feature appealing. Short-form video feeds on well-known apps are becoming more and more common, which may overwhelm some users.

3. Despite these possible worries, LinkedIn's focus on content that is career- and professional-focused might set its video feed apart from others. 

LinkedIn may eventually think about monetizing the feed so that content producers can get paid for their videos. This might inspire more content producers to upload videos to the app. Although the feature gives creators new opportunities, some users may not think the new feed is a good addition to the app.