The Snapchat AR and ML tools are now available for brands and advertisers

The Snapchat AR and ML tools are now available for brands and advertisers
  • By Media Dynox
  • May 07, 2024
  • Digital Marketing

Recently, 2024 IAB NewFronts events announced Snapchat's new  Augmented Reality (AR) and Machine Learning tools. However, brands and advertisers use these tools to interactively reach users on the social network. As a result, it will help brands tap into the snap’s launching AR extensions. It will enable advertisers to integrate AR lenses and filters straightforwardly into all snap ad formats.

Moreover, the company started to facilitate and expedite the creation of AR try-on assets for brands. However, it has been investing in machine learning and automation. In recent years, Snapchat has collaborated with businesses such as Tiffany & Co. and Amazon to enable users to virtually try on various products within the app. The social media platform claims that by cutting down on the time required to produce these augmented reality try-on assets more brands will be able to swiftly convert their 2D product catalogs into try-on experiences.

In addition, companies can now use generative AI technology to create customized lenses for branded AR advertisements. Further, you can create Snapchat AR advertisements with lenses that have these ML face effects.

Additionally, Snapchat unveiled AR Extensions, enabling marketers to incorporate AR Lenses and filters. You will find into app's ad formats, such as Commercials, Spotlight Ads, Collection Ads, Dynamic Product Ads, and Snap Ads.

The company was among the first to use augmented reality (AR) technology. However, it claims that on average, more than 300 million users interact with AR experiences on its app each day.

The new tools for brands and advertisers are being released. Days after Snap revealed that its Q1 2024 revenue climbed 21% to $1.195 million, mostly as a result of platform enhancements. The business also revealed that there were 85% more small and medium-sized advertisers on Snapchat in comparison to the previous year. 

Main Features of Advertised AR Filters:

    Maintaining Relevance Via Identified Moments: Sponsored AR Filters allow brands to be subtly included in both regular moments and big-ticket events. Brands can participate in conversations around holidays, sporting events, and popular memes.

      Fun Templates to Simplify the Production of Filters: Advertisers can create Filters by utilizing a range of templates and uploading pre-existing assets. These templates include quiz makers, countdown timers, location-based overlays, AR face filters, and more. Innovation has no boundaries!

        Optimizing Brand Recognition and Interaction: Through the use of pre-capture Sponsored Lenses in conjunction with Sponsored AR Filters, brands can guarantee maximum exposure and influence throughout the Snapchat Camera journey. Use memorable and interactive content to draw users in.

        Obtaining Measuring Signals: By incorporating calls to action (CTAs) into Sponsored AR Filters, marketers can obtain significant mid-funnel signals. Direct Snapchatters to particular conversion actions and track the effectiveness of your campaigns.

        Reduce Entry Barrier: Lens Web Builder, a free do-it-yourself tool for creating filters and lenses. However, it allows advertisers to quickly and easily create Sponsored AR Filters in less than ten minutes. Brands on a tight budget can take part without incurring additional production expenses.

        The business also declared that it will be introducing the "Snap Sports Network," a sports channel inside Snapchat. The channel will cover unconventional sports like water bottle flipping, extreme ironing, dog surfing, and more. User-generated content, along with scripted content hosted by Snap Stars, will be featured.

        Additionally, with the introduction of a new Snap Nation Public Profile that will include unique behind-the-scenes concert content. Snapchat is deepening its collaboration with Live Nation. Additionally, Snapchat will compile stories from festivals and Live Nation concerts that highlight user-posted content.